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Hello beauties! Our line of sophisticated boho clothing is ethically produced using hand carved block prints by artisans in India. The block printing method is an ancient craft passed down through generations in the East. To understand why and how this method is so special please read on to learn about the lengthy and demanding process. 


Blocks after designs are carved onto wood

First you begin the process by designing a print, if it is one color then most times the print will only require one block. If it requires more than one color, you must carve a new block for each and every color. The artist copies the print to a piece of wood by hand and then hand carves the design into the wood. Below is an artisan working out of a shop I visited in Sanganer.

Block Carver in Sanganer, India 

In block printing, each color of the print requires a separate block to be hand carved by an artisan. Once the block is carved, the fabric is fixed to a long tabletop. The carved blocks are then dipped into the dye and stamped on the fabric, If there are several colors, each block must be stamped individually onto the fabric, layer upon layer, until the design is complete. The process takes a lot of skill by someone with a steady hand and is time intensive.

Printers at Aura Herbal Wear

Fabric on Tables at Aura Herbal Ahmedabad, India

Block prints can be simple or can involve many layers of printing for each color. The slight 'irregularities' are the beauty of a handmade print, not to be seen as a flaw, but the artistic effect typical of block prints. When the fabric is complete the look of this intricate labor is stunning and beautiful, and every garment made from this fabric will be unique. 

Block Printer Stamping Fabric

Printer Stamping my Print New Delhi, India :)

The final garment, bright indigo on soft ivory :)